May 3, 2017

Luxury, a thing of great desire! Contrary to popular belief, it can be often achieved with a minimal budget, through carefully placed accessories, use of colours and fabrics. Achieving that show home, worthy look and feel will not be as expensive as it looks with these five tips:


Accessories can make a world’s difference in adding that extra touch of luxury to any room or space in the house. Opt for stylish and functional metallic accessories such as gold or polished chrome (remember to keep it fingerprint free!). Adding a clean, looked after bold statement plant can also compliment the look by bringing the outside, in. Be sure to get a nice planter and a mirror to top it all off.

Fabrics and Materials

Fabrics that feel great against the skin are key to getting that luxury look. A range of Linens, Velvets, Silks, Mohairs, Suedes and Leathers can all achieve this feel. Apply this to curtains, carpets and soft furnishings. Natural wood, polished metals and glass all further ooze the senses.


Place all your favourite family photographs into a mix of modern and contemporary metallic and dark wooden frames in front of a statement wall. It exudes sophistication and is also a great talking point. Adding very minimal and clean book designs also enhance the space massively.


You can do all the above perfectly, but if your choice of colour is wrong, then everything is wrong. Colour can be the deciding factor when it comes to creating a feeling of luxury. You want to opt for a natural palette, to give off the sophisticated look. This year’s trends consist of stone, praline and green. Look to enhance this with the use of metallic.


Lighting, in terms of architecture, is the most important aspect of the whole building, so nothing says luxury more than the right lighting in a room, it allows you to re-create the mood of the whole room. Investing in a statement chandelier or pendant over the dining table is a must, to create a focal point. To highlight the most beautiful aspects of the room, aim to use modern and contemporary lamps and well placed neutral candles.