Sep 28, 2016

Keeping a house looking tidy and feeling fresh can sometimes be a challenge, especially in a busy or child occupied house where assistance isn’t always readily available. However there are some very simple techniques that you can employ to stay on top of your chores and keep you house clean!

If spending the whole weekend cleaning top to bottom of the house, sounds all too familiar then read on! We have compromised a list of 7 tips you can undertake to ensure the housework is a doddle and we are certain any professional cleaner will agree. Just remember that doing a little bit every day is better than doing everything all at once.

  1. Don’t collect a lot of clutter

    If you do, then you will only have to clean it as well. Keep displayed items to a minimum (this will also create a sense of more space) and your surfaces clean and dust free. A tidy home will automatically look a lot cleaner on its own.

  2. Don’t put off until tomorrow things you can do today

    As mentioned before, doing a little bit day by day is always better than doing everything all at once. The little bit done every day will be done with a lot more attention and care compared to rushing and doing it all at once.

  3. Clean the bathroom every day

    This doesn’t literally mean a deep clean with bleach down the toilet every morning. A simple wipe down after using the basin in the morning or a quick spritz with a screen spray on the shower after using it, will ensure that there won’t be hard water marks left. When it does come time for you to undergo a deep clean, it will make the process that much quicker.

  4. Make the bed

    One of the easier and most effective ways to make your bedroom look and feel tidier is to make the bed. Don’t believe us – try it. It takes less than a minute. Opening the window to let in fresh air makes a huge difference to how your space feels when you come to get into bed at night.

  5. Don’t leave dirty dishes to pile up

    This can be very temping at times but leaving dirty dishes not only looks bad, it’s unhygienic and can leave a bad smell.

    Just load the dishwasher every time there is something that needs washing until it is full or give everything a rinse straight after using it. Your kitchen will feel fresher and cleaner all the time.

  6. Grab a laundry basket

    A lot of people underestimate the convenience of a laundry basket. It’s a great tool for hiding dirty clothing and preventing stale smells from escaping. It also acts as storage space and reduces clutter, hence making the room feel tidier.

    A great tip is to keep a scented sachet(s) in the basket to maximise odour control.

  7. Divide and conquer

    The best thing you can do, to ensure you’re doing the best job cleaning your house is to divide the tasks up. You can either do a task every day or if time is not of the essence divide your house in two sections and do one section each day. You will not only free up time, you will do a better job and will not be overwhelmed.

    If you can have any tips and tricks you use, feel free to email us on info@harveyvictoria.co.uk and will be delighted to share them.