Our Services                                                                            Our Charges 

Let Only                                                                                   2 Weeks of Rent

*Full Management                                                                  10% of Monthly Rental

**Tenant Removal Guarantee                                                £70.00          

***Preparing & Serving Section 8 Notice                               £150.00

***Issuing Court Proceedings                                                   £650.00

***Bailiff Eviction Appointment                                                £300.00

EPC Chart                                                                                  £60.00

Gas Safety Certificate                                                              £90.00

Electric Safety Certificate                                                        £100.00  

Inventory                                                                                 Varied Price

Early Termination of Fixed term Contract                               1 Months Rent + £150.00

Duplicate Tenancy Agreement                                                £30.00

Written Confirmation of Tenancy                                            £20.00 

Cash Handling                                                                            £10.00

*Full Management – Please note that 2 weeks of the first months rent will also be deducted and 10% thereafter.

** Charged according to number of tenants on tenancy agreement.  

** Preparing & Serving Section 8 Notice, Issuing Court Proceedings & Bailiff Eviction Appointment – Please note if you opt to purchase a Tenant Removal Guarantee these charges will not apply in the case that the tenant needs evicting.


Our Services                                                                            Our Charges 

Deposit for Long Let Tenancy 5 Weeks of Rent

Deposit for Short Let Tenancy £700 or 1 Week*

Variation, novation, amendment or

change of occupant at the tenant’s request

within an existing tenancy £50.00

Default fee for late payment of rent **

Loss of a key or other security device ***

Payment on termination of a Tenancy ****

* Whichever is greater

** Chargeable from 14 days arrears calculated on the interest at 3% above Bank of England base rate on the late payment of rent for each day that the payment is outstanding

*** Landlords and letting agents can charge a tenant a fee to cover the cost of replacing the lost key or security device (e.g. fob, electronic device for garage doors / security gates).

**** Landlords and letting agents can require a tenant to make a payment for an early termination (surrender) of the tenancy agreement at the tenant's request.