Sep 7, 2018

Will property styling help you get a better price when you sell your home?

When you’re selling your home, the first impression the property makes on potential buyers is crucial.

When selling your home, the first impressions are priceless on potential buyers. Getting it right will hopefully lead to a brilliant viewing and offers well above what you had hoped to receive, but get it wrong and you may struggle to even get some feedback.

Sellers can always count of the one weapon that is sure to increase the appeal of their home – Property Styling or Home Staging as some may call it. It’s a technique that involves using a range of presentational techniques to make your home feel and look as attractive as possible and to really capture the buyer’s imagination. Property styling can also go as far as boosting the value of the home.

What is property styling?

Property styling or home staging involves the use of a wide range of presentation and design techniques to improve the look and appeal of your home and to really bring out its full potential in front of buyers viewing it. Styling is undertaken by professionals who will come around and advise you on what they feel will best bring the best results. This can range from minor cosmetic alterations, such as a few tasteful pieces of artwork or soft furnishings to bring out some colour.  In properties that are empty, this includes everything from small accessories and decorative pieces through to large furniture items. Property styling doesn’t always involve the idea of having to add or spend more, it may involve rearranging furniture or removing certain items, as well as de cluttering spaces to make them more welcoming and open.  The main aim of undertaking this is to bring out the very best of each room in the house and therefore increase its sale price. by putting the expertise of a professional to use when selling your home, you will not only benefit by making it feel more alive but could gain an edge in a competitive market and maximise your profits.

What are the benefits of property styling?

Property styling has many potential benefits for home sellers, some of these including:

  • Expert selection. Property styling allows you to fill your home with furniture, accessories and decor that have been selected by an interior expert. Not only will these items fit the home perfectly and make the most of the available space but they will also create the look and atmosphere you want. Property styling will get the best out of an interior and will attract more buyers.

  • Appeal to a target demographic.Having expert knowledge to hand, can help you create a look and feel in your property that will appeal to a specific type of buyer.  For example, if your property is going to attract young families or a professional couple, you will need the look and feel of the house to cater to their likes to further enhance the space and help create an appealing and attractive environment.

  • Fill an empty home. It becomes really hard for buyers to imagine themselves and their belongings in an empty house. Property styling will fill the gap and will allow a buyer to really get to grips with the space available and the feel of the property. Far more preferable than the empty shell they would otherwise see.

  • First impressions should be great. First impressions can have a huge psychological effect on any buyer. If they are now wowed within the first 30 seconds of walking through the door, they are much more likely to have a questionable mindset moving forward.

  • Set your property apart from the crowd. With a number of similar properties on the market, property styling can be that all important hook you can use to elevate your home above the rest.

  • Attract more attention. Property styling is only going to have an impact on buyers who are walking around your property, but also on people browsing the likes of Rightmove and On the Market. Beautiful photography topped with expert arranging will attract a lot more attention, which will mean more buyers walking through the door and more offers.

  • Increase the sale price. The main motive and end goal is to not only help sell your home more quickly but to also achieve a higher price than that of the asking price. A recent survey conducted revealed that styling your home could boost the final sale price by anything between 7.5% and 12.5%.

Disadvantages of property styling

The main and possible only drawback to property styling is the fact that it will cost money and in most cases, it won’t be cheap. You will not only have to pay for the services of an expert but for the furniture you hire, so don’t forget to factor in it as an expense in your budget.

The cost will vary depending on the level to which you want or need your home to be made over. You’ll hopefully make all the money you spend back and maybe more, thanks to a higher price you achieve, but there is no guarantee of that occurring.

When to use property styling

In the early days of property styling, premium and boutique homes were favourites as they expected to fetch a high price. It’s still widely used today in luxury homes, where an expert eye can make the most of a spectacular location and views or bring out the architectural features of the house.Nowadays, property styling can be and is used in all sorts of properties, from the high end to the low end of the market. Remember, the idea is to bring the property to live and to maximise its potential.Engaging in property styling during an open house viewing can work wonders. It will keep costs down and hopefully set off people’s imagination leading to competitive bidding all in limited two hour time period slot. Property styling on a new build is always a good idea. With the fresh paint and new windows, topping it off with furniture gives any buyer that ‘move in straight away’ feeling – as the majority of the time, if done correctly a buyer will also make an offer for the furniture to be included in the sale.

When not to use property styling

Despite the many benefits, there will be circumstances when property styling is not worth the trouble. If you’re trying to sell an inexpensive property, for example, a small one-bedroom unit in the suburbs, could you really justify spending money on staging? The sales price you are likely to achieve probably won’t be enough to provide a sufficient return on your investment, so it may simply not be worth the expense.

There are benefits and drawbacks to property styling, and whether or not you use it is entirely up to you and whether or not you think it will be worth the extra investment. The most important thing to remember if you choose not to engage a property stylist is that there’s still plenty you can do to improve the appeal of your home – take a look at my 5 top tips on improving the value of your home by clicking here. As an avid architectural admirer and architectural consultant, I will be more than happy to advise you on whether going down this route will be beneficial to the end result.

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