Aug 2, 2018

We have sifted through some of the best ways to increase the value of your home through renovation and additions all taking into consideration the longer term prospect of one day giving your house up and moving on.

Adding value or extra space to the home is the ultimate goal for any homeowner who is one day considering to sell. If you’re thinking about going through the hassle and stress of working on your home, it is always important to think about the bigger picture, will this be of use to anyone else other than myself and will it appeal? It is also important that the works carried out are to a good standard and cater to your needs while the property remains your home. Any works that take a heavily chuck out of your pocket should be seen as a long term investment, you want it to pay off in the end – it should add value to your home.

Open Plan Living

Knocking out internal walls surprising adds the most value to a home. For a small investment you can totally change the feel and look of a home, not only are you adding a sense of space, open plan living is fast making a property far more appealing to prospective buyers. Remember only take out the internal walls that are not structural.

Removing a wall to create open space
Estimated Cost: £3,500
Days to complete: 5 days
The average added value in the UK: £25,000

Updating Your Kitchen

Updating the kitchen doesn’t have to mean installing a brand new kitchen at a huge cost. Just replacing the cupboard doors, installing new worktops and replacing old tiling can impact hugely on the look of the kitchen which in turn can give the whole property a new lease of life and add that all important value. Carefully considering an ‘expensive’ look tiling layout with cheaper alternatives, adding some ambient lighting and investing in the smaller details like handles can make the kitchen come to life and look more expensive.

Kitchen Renovations
Estimated Cost: £4,000
Days to complete: 8 days
The average added value in the UK: £15,000

Add in a new W.C

One of the most neglected spaces in the whole house, is that awkward space under the stairs that no one seems to how to use. Adding a W.C downstairs not only adds an extra £10,000 worth of value to your home, but also denies visitors the need to traipse through your home. Adding some beautiful lighting, luxury hand wash and reed diffusers for little investment has a huge impact. Think about adding some stylish titles for a more considered finish.

Converting under the stairs space into a bathroom
Estimated Cost: £2,500
Days to complete: 7 days
The average added value in the UK: £12,500

Words of advice

Always keep things neutral – not everyone has the same taste as you. Don’t paint a newly refurbished room in a bright colour as everyone may not be able to see the same appeal you do, instead opt to add colourful touches to the room with the use of the décor and furniture. The smaller details and finishing touches matter.