Nov 16, 2017

Find out the most common reasons why vendors struggle to sell their homes and how you can fix them if they apply to you.

We have all read the papers and watched the news talk about how the demand for property has outstripped supply and more recently the slow shift in property sales due to mainly to the hype around Brexit, but that doesn’t mean your house sale should stagnate or slow down.

From estate agent problems to very ambitious asking prices, read on to find out what you as a seller can do to sell your home more quickly and easily.

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1. The photos on your listing aren’t up to scratch

With the shift of more and more people now searching online for their next property – photography is the first impression and can often make or break a viewing opportunity. Therefore photographs play a significant role in attracting your next buyer.

It can be hard to criticise your own home, so get friends and family to take a look at the photos of your property and ask them to give you some frank (sometimes harsh) feedback on what they think of them – are the working or not? If they are lacking potential, ask your estate agent to change them around or better yet, take some new ones.

There’s no point in taking new ones if they’re going to show the same thing, before any photoshoot, make sure rooms are tidy and clutter free at the very least.

2.Your property isn’t being advertised, properly.

Rightmove is the UK’s biggest property portal so ensure your home is listed on their as well as on the estate agents own website. Other major portals include On The Market and Zoopla.

Your agent should come up with a marketing stagey and plan that should make your property stand out from the competition. It should include at least, a for sale board outside of the house to entice buyers passing by, and if you are with a high street agent, a prominent spot in their front window.

3.Your asking price is unrealistic

Pricing is a major point (as we have previously talked about, in our blog on the best strategies to use when pricing your home to sell). If the price of the property is unrealistic and a buyer sees your house, there unlikely to view it.

Buyers when registering on property portals will most often set an upper price limit of say, £400,000 and if your property is priced at £410,000 they are going to miss out on seeing it.

4.Are you giving off the best first impressions?

So your property has had a decent amount of viewings, the pictures look great and you can’t fathom why you have no offers? There’s a good chance the way it’s being presented is the main problem.

Is the front lawn looking untidy and overgrown? Do the walls inside need a coat of paint? Are the pet’s aromas a slight bit too much for buyers? Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer and walk around your property asking these questions – maybe take a friend around with you, to get their honest opinion. Never underestimate smell. If something smells appealing, people are more attracted to it. Smokers and pet owners should take extra caution.

5.Your estate agent has taken a back seat

All too often an estate agent will work very hard to secure your property listing to just then sit back and wait until the offers come flying through the door.

Your estate agent should constantly be examining what’s happening and thinking about ways to enhance the sale of your property. if they don’t, you should definitely consider switching agents.

Before deciding to change agents, do check your contract as you may be bound by a tie-in period.

6.The time period is wrong

There are certain times in the year when things start to get a bit slow – Christmas is one. Or certain properties during certain parts of the year don’t tend to shift as well as they would in another part of the year.

It might be worth taking your property off the market for a while, or better yet delaying it a few weeks or so as buyers can be put off by a house that’s been up for sale for months.

7.Buyers aren’t aware of the property’s potential

Be sure to tell your estate agent about ideas you’ve had in the past (that you may have decided against now) in relation to the property. Was there a time when you were thinking about getting the loft converted and you obtained planning permission for this? Or do you feel that knocking a certain wall down would be more of the space and property out but have decided not to do it now as your selling up?

You know your property inside out and asking the estate agent to mention these kinds of ideas can be brilliant in helping the sale along. Some buyers need a little help planning and visualising what a property could look like when they move in.