Jul 13, 2016

It is a common misconception that when looking to improve the kerb appeal of your property, it is an expensive, time consuming and sometimes stressful business and because of this we have come to adjust ourselves to a home that is never quite as good as it could be and sometimes when it comes to selling time, has no kerb appeal.

As the titles says, property renovation does not need to break the bank, from small upgrades to meticulous landscaping to simple changing fixtures and fittings, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways you can improve the look of your property. Remember first impressions always count, and if you can create a great first impression, potential buyers will want to look further than the front door. Check out these simple improvements that can definitely improve your property’s appeal.

Exterior makeover

The first thing anyone sees when the see your property is the outside, so ensuring that is the focal point of the kerb appeal is quintessential. Remember your entry should set the mark for the interior, so make a statement by ensuring the front door has been repainted with a fresh coat of paint and the door hardware is in good condition – if in doubt go for a new door. Aside from the painting ensure that the doorknob is clean and metal fixtures on the door are also polished. The same should be applied to the garage door.

A great appeal enhancer is symmetry. It is simple to arrange and is also pleasing to the eye. It creates a welcoming entryway. Two lights on either side or plants is a good starting point.

Work on the driveway if it hasn’t recently been catered for. Most overlook the drive as it has cars parked on it, however it does make a huge difference in the overall look of the property. Installing a boarder along the driveway ensures a crisp, elegant look. Materials such as brick and pavers could be used or if a larger budget is available stone is very effective. Adding landscape lighting makes a huge impact on kerb appeal, it adds ambiance to your property while also providing security and safety. These can be placed within the driveway, or on trees or onto the house itself.

Moving to the back of the property, the garden is a important part of any property, is it a place where the kids will spend a lot of time as well as a place where various family dinners could well be hosted. If you’re one of those people that don’t like gardening, it is not all a loss. By installing a paved/decked area with comfortable outdoor seating and furniture allows you to easily maintain that area of the garden, it also caters as a wind down spot for those long summer evenings. Adding a few evergreens, art and bark will only enhance the space.

Overgrown trees, shrubs and branches can obscure your gardens features and can get in the way of the houses overall appeal as well. With overgrown trees, the property can seem dark, uninviting as well as blocking natural sunlight. Moreover trees and branches that start to invade the properties space can offer a bridge for all types of animals that want to get onto your roof and inside. Well-maintained trees and shrubs compliment a healthy, green lawn, you can take this one step further by partitioning the garden using garden gates and decorative fence panels, for best results paint the fences with colours already on your house. Flowers along the sidewalk, in front of the house or anywhere where you can plant them is a one of the greatest and most cost effective way to improve the kerb appeal of your property, with the range of colours they come in.

As well as flowers, well maintained trees and paving one can opt to add weather – resistant artwork, but be careful to match the home natural palette and exterior features to the pieces. Water sculptures add that grandeur to the property; place them on ground level, in good sight vantage points.

Interior Design

Before renovating the interior of your property, the most common mistake people make is – cleaning! Professional cleaners can be hired not only to clean the carpets, but windows, lights, woodwork surfaces.. the list goes on, that result in making everything brighter and lighter and more attractive.

Lighting is a very important aspect of any space, it influences the way the Architect wants us to feel about the space. Using multiple bright bulbs can bring out any room in your house making it seem larger and more airy, leaving that all import impression. If you have large rooms in your property, you can opt for statement lights that create volume about the majesty of the place.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the two most important rooms within any property, they are the major focus. A general rule of thumb is that the kitchen should roughly represent 10% of the property’s price. Redoing these is by far not cheap, but both can be transformed.

If the kitchen is looking old, one does not have to replace a to z. Simple changes like taps, door handles, re- painting or staining doors and even replacing titles can make worlds difference. If the budget allows, you can also opt to change the worktop – to something of better quality. There are also companies now that change the doors of the kitchen leaving the frames to create a brand new kitchen, at a fraction of the price of installing a new kitchen. If you have fitted appliances that are not in good condition, it is a must to change these. It’s probably more important that the above.

The same applies for a bathroom; small cosmetic changes make a huge difference. Get the grouting cleaned to create the impression of new titles being installed.

A ‘modern look’ misconception is painting the whole house in Magnolia. Rather than adding that modern touch, it rather adds a dull, boring impression to your property if not done right – which is the case the majority of the time. Be bold with colour, add accent walls to rooms to create a personality to each room, this can be done with paint or wallpaper. Another great feature is painting the ceiling or the doors.

Old fashioned carpets and worn our flooring will create the wrong impression even if everything else is up to date. They have a major impact on your property, they can influence the way a room feels and looks, by reflecting light or making a room feel cosier. Lifting old carpets and simply varnishing and sanding floorboards is a great alternative, it is inexpensive but time consuming. Alternatively new carpets and flooring can be put down, or going back to the point on cleaning – get a professional carpet cleaner in to see the difference.

If you are fortunate enough to have a big house with loads of small areas built and designed for storage then great! For those of us with storage limitations, you will know the problem of being confronted by coats, shoes and all the usual clutter on opening the front door. De-cluttering is the only and best way to make the space look better than it is, and in order to accomplish this, it requires a small amount of planning. Installing shelves and cupboards can help, but more importantly make full use of the space available, if you have a cupboard cluttered with storage – install more shelves, arrange everything in an orderly manner or make use of storage bags. Placing trunks and chests is an ideal way to overcome storage problems, they hide what needs to be out of sight while also becoming apart of the rooms furniture. Furniture such as beds, sofas and tables can also now be brought that offer discrete storage solutions.